Terapi Hipertensi

Obat antihipertensi hanya bisa mengobati tidak untuk menyembuhkan. Gejala hipertensi akan hilang atau tidak muncul jika obat diminum secara teratur. Prof. DR. Jose Roesma, SpPD. KGH mengatakan “Pengendalian tekanan darah pada pasien hipertensi , sangat bergantung pada obat”. Karena 90% hipertensi tidak diketahui penyebabnya, pengobatan hanya diarahkan untuk menurunkan tekanan darah ke tingkat normal agar tidak terjadi kerusakan organ.

Memilih obat

Target tekanan darah yang direkomendasikan <140/90 mmHg pada kebanyakan penderita hipertensi, ,130/80 mmHg pada pasien hipertensi disertai diabetes atau gangguan ginjal kronis. Sebelum mengkonsumsi obat antihipertensi sebaiknya pasien melakukan pemeriksaan laboratorium seperti pemeriksaan urin, kadar gula dalam darah dan hematokrit, kadar kalium, kreatinin, kalsium serum, profil lemak, (setelah puasa 9-12 jam), serta elektrokardiogram

The principles of the law of attraction state that what you put out will come back to you. Applying this to communicating with your children tells us that when you value and respect your children’s thoughts, ideas and opinions, they will value and respect yours.

Respect leads to trust and trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. Invite your children into your life by sharing and being honest. If you are tired from a long day at work, tell them you are tired but that you really would love to hear how their day went if they could just give you 30 minutes to rest in order to refuel your energy.

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If you are struggling with something and it is appropriate, share what’s on your mind. Depending on the age of your child you might even ask their opinion. Model to your children that life is not always easy but that you are confident that all things can be worked through when you have a positive mindset.

Too often parents feel the need to appear perfect in their children’s minds in order to set an example for their them to strive for. The fact is that this more often than not backfires. Perceiving their parents as perfect and always having the answers serves only to create a divide because they are afraid of letting you down by not living up to your standards.

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When you open the door and invite your children into the reality of who you are and what is happening in your life by sharing your thoughts, feelings and desires, they will welcome you into theirs. You will be building a strong relationship that will see you and your children through any challenges life may bring.